I know some days the hardest thing to do is to pick up a pencil or brush and create a piece of artwork, Although that maybe because when you are doing it, you are doing it the wrong way.

When I try to paint with anger or sadness nothing good is ever going to come out of it. However taking a break from what you are going through starts with stopping & breathing don’t think about anything just clear your mind and breath, sometimes trying again with no thoughts in your head, & trust me that may sound easy but if you are someone like me, it is a lot harder than you think. (I have the mind of 101 ideas at once)

When you manage to get to that stage it’s a matter of focusing on the strokes of your work it doesn’t haven’t to be painting or drawing it could be something like writing.

Music can definitely help too. Although maybe not music with words because that can put you back in to the space where you just came from. You don’t really have to create anything in particular just blending colours and keeping an open mind can do wonders.

Anyway give it a try and you never know what your mind will gift you with. Keep creating and staying positive is the key to being happy and creating beautiful pieces of work.


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