How to get over a broken heart

How to get over heartbreak and be confident these are a few ways on how to pick yourself up and get back to being yourself.

Tip one;  Please don’t jump into another relationship let your other ex-relationship have its time of being over let it die, give yourself sometime to breath, what ever you do don’t pull away from friends and family don’t become frankinstein or that notredame dude. Don’t think alcohol or drugs will fix it and defiantly know you are not alone.

Tip2: You know everyone has an ex aye? why are they an ex because they no longer have a place in your life thats why. There is a new life thats just waiting for you to participate in. It may feel like its the end of the world and you are never going to find anyone else ever again, but trust me no matter or who you are there is someone else out there for you. There is someone that is just going to fit you like a glove and you will one day look back and see that if you hadn’t of broken up or been left by that person you would not be with your future person. Don’t forget to keep an open mind and heart. Because when you met your ex thats exactly how you felt.

Tip3: Hang out with your friends please don’t lock yourself up and think you have no life, the big one is block and deactivate  social media have time to get back on your feet you don’t need to be seeing all of their pictures and posts while you are trying to recover. if you are older and maybe don’t have as many friends as you once had, then just go, go put some clothes on makeup if your a girl, and brush your hair if you are a guy, then just go enjoy some you time, wether its a coffee or going to the library get out of your house, Even if its just time to think of things that made them suck! that can always help.


Tip4: Give time for things to collapse because I promise you it is going too! Time heals all. And know its okay to have a breakdown every now and then when you are by yourself or a friend, Although what is to much is when you are crying everyday and all day is to much.


. Let it all fall to sh#t but know that its not the end of the world, then take care of you, don’t forget to talk to friends and family not about your ex but things you have planned for your future, this may just be something small like getting a makeover or cutting or colouring your hair that always helps (writing from experience)

I shaved my head once because my partner at the time liked me with long hair. Find something that is going to keep your mind busy maybe join a gym.


Write a list of 5 things you used to love 

Write a list of 5 things you used to do before your relationship

Write a list of all of the things you never got to do because of your relationship

and last of all pick out the most common things from all of the lists and do those things.

And lastly you found this because the universe knows you will find 
love again and wants to give you back the hope that you used to have. Your heart maybe broken now but the true beauty comes from within be happy and go find where you left your love for life.

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