So you know its about you when I say: When I used to think about forever it was with you, we used to sit and talk about getting old together and where the world would take us argh how the years have changed because now when I think of you my heart aches with hurt and I believe with all my heart that if i was ever in a Karmic relationship it was with you. I know it took me a long time to learn but I finally know that letting you go is the only way I could ever find peace in being myself again I don’t follow this road lightly it calls to me and I can finally hear where I am going. When I sit and look at you now sometimes I think to myself I wonder if you remember the time you hit me in my face so hard that you left knuckle prints in my head because I remember that day very well as though it was imprinted into the mind the minute you claimed to own me. Over the years we have hurt each other beyond repair and now I just wish to let it all go, if I could go back in time and fix everything I don’t know that I would, but I do also know it was the life I chose for myself, because now would I ever let another human treat me that way? the answer is NO! Never!

I want people to know that if you have ever lost yourself and think that there is no way back you are wrong and I am proof of that, you can change any circumstances you are in all you have to do is choose you. If you make the choice to choose yourself over others you are actually giving more to yourself and others than what you are doing by staying.

Don’t ever believe that you are worthless.



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