Dear Mumma

So you know its about you when I say I couldn’t love another person anymore than what I love you, I do acknowledge everything you have done for me, and thank you for choosing me thank you for loving me and thank you for being there for me always, no one has even attempted to do all you have done for me, when it was cold you used to warm up my school uniform before I woke up I don’t even know who does that.

I know the true meaning of been treated like a princess the love I received from you could never be replaced, I didn’t like meat as a child so you would cook me a completely different meal to eat, if i was sick you would make me soul food to take care of me and wrap me up like a precious jewel. My slippers were put at the side of my bed so when I stepped out they were there, you went above and beyond with that one.

I know at times I was so difficult to be around and I want you to know that I wouldn’t of achieved anything if it wasn’t for you, like that paper I wrote although you cursed me with my need to care about people life and humans, like every single one of them you have blessed me in other ways with my nature and love for life so I could never thank you enough.

Thanks for choosing me to be yours xo

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