little bit lost

So you know its about you when you told me today you are probably going to move to Australia, not sure how I took that to be honest, it made me feel sad and instantly wondering where my life will even go without you. I said to you that no doubt when you go I will probably follow not long after although the truth is I have no idea at all what my next move is, each day that goes by makes me wonder what is next for me and everyone seems to be able to get their shit together so why can’t I.

I am at the moment a person with 99 problems but letting them affect me isn’t one of them, every day I just carry on sometimes it feels a little like the world is in fast forward mode and Im just cruzin along in slow mo. It honestly is like just sitting waiting for something to happen, I think I am my own worst enemy the more I listen to motivation and inspiration videos the more alone I feel. Probably seems a little sad and pathetic but my mum is my best friend at the moment she is the only person I know I can trust and turn to without sounding like someone who is a nut bar. I can’t wait to read back on this in the future and think damn girl you were so sad and lonely now look at you, because I know from now on things can only get better, wether I end up moving to remains to be seen but for now I will just wait and see where life takes me.

Bring it on Universe I am waiting for you.

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