Dear taxi driver

Travelling home now I just realised how nice it is to travel by train reflecting on my visit to see my parents made me come to the realisation that I may not have my parents for very much longer, the whole time i was there they thanked me everyday for helping them, but what they didn’t realise is I was just doing everything for them that they have already done for me.

 I miss the way my mum and dad were damn you time you have stolen the youth from my beautiful parents. Although I am very grateful to still be able to share life with both parents as not as many are as fortunate as I am. When i jumped off the train I had to catch a taxi to the airport and met a taxi driver who was from Afghanistan my heart oozed happiness for him and his family as their lives had not been easy he told me about his
war stricken country and how he was able to leave and become a refugee and for three years had to stay in a detention camp because of his circumstances he told me that some people had been there for along time and it was almost as bad as his country I am so glad that New Zealand takes refugees I do believe in life everyone deserves to be safe and not have to live in fear. So as I travel home to my family my excitement builds as I celebrate just how lucky I really am.

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