I made you chocolates

So you know its about you when I say

You love music and have heaps of records

You used to watch me & I you

I really loved you

you were always there for me

at one stage I made you my life

I still think about you

you used to write our initials on the walls in your house

you were one of the first people to tell me I was beautiful

you used to stare at me

I made you chocolates for your birthday

If you needed to talk to someone I was that person

you dedicated a song to me by Ruby Turner

I know you loved me

You came to the hospital when I had my son

you used to defend me

you used to make fun of me

you used to just only spend time with me

we slow danced once and you knew it was the first time we had ever

the way you used to smile when you saw me

You got punched in the face for sleeping next to me

We practically grew up together

You like the name KINKS

how we always remembered each others birthdays

you asked me out

you made me laugh

you kissed me

you made me feel beautiful

you cared

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