Thanks for your rubbish

So you know its about you when I say ….

This is a time period of 6 mths to a year I am not actually sure how long it was lets just say awhile, So in New Zealand when you rent a house sometimes they come with a small garden shed, well at the time my partner and I had just started to live together, he was a bit of a clean freak and liked things tidy, so at that time I used to think how lucky I am for having such a good partner cleaning up and even taking care of the lawns and grass outside. Anyways time passed myself and that person split he moved backed to his parents and I stayed where we were, I started to have friends around and get back to my old self enjoying my friends just laughing all the time listening to music and hanging out I am pretty sure at that time we all felt the same way.

Any way one day my flatmate and I where doing the lawns and cleaning up outside my friend is like hey whats in the shed and I was like nothing its empty, should we open it and put some things in there, she’s like sure might as well, so I ran and got the key and opened it.

When I opened the door of the shed rubbish bags fell out at my feet, I had a thought of what the hell someone has been dumping rubbish in my damn shed. I opened a bag it was allllllll mine šŸ˜¦ Ā for how ever long it was my ex had been, not walking it to the end of the drive to be taken away by the rubbish truck but walking to the shed outside. Anyones guess why he did that? I am going to assume it was because we lived down a write of way and he couldn’t be stuffed taking it all the way up the drive.

I was horrified at the least my friends thought it was funny!

Anyway i had a group of friends at that stage and we were all pretty close I would say there was about 5 or 6 or us maybe 8 they night we met up at my place, yes we had a meeting about my rubbish shed. LOL!

The guys that came over were like well you can only have like two bags out at a time with your rubbish if you want the truck to take it and you have like 100 bags lol.

I really do miss those days of been young and having fun Ā just thinking everything was so funny.

Anyway I think we waited for the night before the rubbish truck was due, this is what went down!!

we all met at my house, all dressed in black, all taped rubbish bags on to our hands (couldn’t afford gloves) and scarves around our mouths because that shed smelt really bad, we were all in teams of 2 and took two bags at a time running up and down my street and neighbouring streets putting rubbish bags outside houses.

I honestly wish I had a photo of that night because I would have never thought it would be so much fun doing something so disgusting haha.

We finished in my friends street and all walked back together talking about how disgusting it was and how funny it was, we told jokes and can’t say if we were intoxicated or otherwise but fun was had by all.

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