With my rose coloured glasses



You know its about you when I say : Sometimes I forget how much trouble there is in the world as a child I was sheltered from the cruelness and harshness that seems to of scared almost everyone. I am not sure if that was the curse for me or not.

I was born and raised in a country where you can pretty much do as you like people of all races unite and if you are bi-racial even better (actually you would probably fit in better if you are).  I used to walk around and not notice anything at all, as you can imagine once I took off my rose coloured glasses wow was I in for a shock.

All I saw was sadness, homeless people, and the change in personalities that would make you think you had moved to a different planet with out knowing. People who once cared for others were all about self, people who had once shared were greedy and couldn’t see past their own lives. This whole thing tore my heart out and made me rebuild myself in to what I am today.  I saw a quote today that said “With so many things coming back in style I can’t wait until morals, respect and intelligence become a trend again. ( Quote by:Denzel Washington) how true is this.

Now when I see posts on racial hate it makes me sick to my stomach I honestly wish everyone could live in a place where this kind of thing never happens. We have some of this in my country as well, but no where near as bad as what it is in the rest of the world. You know that movie Cocoon sometimes i wish we were all like that like you could only see peoples personalities.

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