How to manifest anything you want

If I can do it you can do it, of course there are so many ways you can manifest you can manifest anything you want from some thing really big to really small it doesn’t matter who you are.



Step one; Write down what you want, please don’t put a time on it, put your main want down on paper. So you can focus on want you want to make yours.




Step 2 ; Manifest one thing at a time


Step 3: watch manifesting videos on youtube they really help, you can just type in manifesting but it also helps if you can find particular channels that you feel relate to you. Some of my faves are Aaron Doughty , or victor Oddo is another.

Step 4: You know that thing you are trying to manifest, think of it with positive vibes try to feel the joy come up through your stomach and see it in your mind. You know how you just think man i really do feel like a drink right now & then go on about doing what ever you were doing, and then you get your drink and usually the one you wanted well thats how you manifest think of it and then don’t. Unknown

Step 5; Same as four really think of that thing and let it go. You can actually think about it but you can’t desire and be all needy after that thing. Don’t question where it is or when


its coming to you, you will receive when the universe feels its right for you.







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