My fascination with Japan

images-1 My fascination with Japan wow I have absolutely no idea why! I think in a past life maybe I was Japanese? ever since I can remember I have always wanted to go to Japan and have been drawn to it, even when I saw that some Japanese people had seen my blog I got my thrills! people have asked me why there and Im like I don’t know its just some where that calls to me & always has.  I have a thing about cherry blossoms and I have never even seen one, besides on the internet I have no idea what my attraction to them even is, beside how beautiful the look but it doesn’t stop there I love their culture and language I want to be able to see their traditional houses and if anything on TV has anything Japan on it I have to watch it.

Everything traditional makes me feel like its apart of me, I think geisha are beautiful and would love to see all of the sites there.  To myself I feel like I know Japan, although I have never been there. Japan is definitely on my to do list. Wonder if anyone else has felt like this before.

5 thoughts on “My fascination with Japan

  1. That’s a very lovely to find something that your heart leads you to!! I also love the culture very much, traveling to japan opens up new chapters and I can’t wait for my next trip. I hope you do get to visit japan if you haven’t already, I’m sure you will find so much fun and joy exploring ❤️

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