Thats my Dad

14225383_10155183444527067_8505641423639692596_n copySo you know its about you when I say; you know in life how some people say you choose who your parents are, well for me that is true, I chose my parents and in return they chose me, I am adopted and my biological dad passed away when I was only one, where I live today is fathers day, so I felt it was a must to write about my dad.

Wow where to start, my Dad is the kind of man that always told you how it is, he is definitely a manly man ,don’t know if that is from the era he was raised in or just how his personality is, my dad is a proud man that was always busy working on something, he was never really inside very much he was either at work, working in his shed or outside he always made sure my brother and I had the best he could provide, I guess sundays were the only days where we would all be together and watch TV in those days it was easy you either had channel one or two.

My dad is the kind of person who will want you to help but just being there is enough, I remember once I was painting a fence here ill show you how to do it, and he just did the whole thing himself, although if i tried to walk off its like hey come and finish this job. He does it with every thing, you know if he says here ill show you how to do it properly means give it here. He built me a life size dolls house once.

Its quite hard for my dad now going from someone who is so active to someone who can only do a few things now before he is exhausted, its quite hard to watch too, if i am completely honest and I know my dad finds it humiliating and hard to bare with.

He has quite a few health issues as he smoked for quite a few years and he quit when I had my first son because he didn’t want to smoke around him, although in giving that up was when all of his problems started. I know it sounds weird but it was like his body preferred he smoked.

I know that I wouldn’t be half of the person I am today if I didn’t have my dad and when the day comes where I have to say goodbye that is going to be one of the hardest days of my life. A few of my dads saying kinda describe him as well a few are: My dads favourites: you know what your mothers like. If you want it done properly you better do it yourself, I am going to live for ever just to piss everyone off, he answers the phone saying hello this is ****** speaking, he rings his kids on the phone and says its ****** his name lol. I am always like Hi dad I know who you are. When he says bye he always says okay love and sometimes adds in be good or be careful, which I always reply yeah dad i’ll be extra careful.

My Dad taught me how to be myself, ride a bike, change a tyre and spark plugs, how to build things with wood and told me every time I picked up a tool, that I was the most kack handed person he’s ever seen. My Dad taught me how to work hard for what i want and that if you’re  lazy you just don’t want it bad enough. He taught me how to respect others and also how to love unconditionally.  Yeah thats my dad.

I compare every male to my dad and my expectations could never be met and i know it. To me no one could ever be as cool as my dad is. When people say to me blood is thicker than water I just look at them and say yeah but love is thicker than both.

Happy Fathers Day Dad I Love you!


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