Dream a little dream

So you know its about you when I say: I dreamt about you again last night its so weird because you never cross my mind besides when I am asleep I always dream about you. Why?

its so random.

Once I put in to this quiz thing  on why do I always dream about you? and the answer that came back said because this is your soul mate. I wasn’t surprised at all in fact I do believe you probably were one of my soul mates you just had a familiarness about you,   So I just felt like yeah thats probably right.

I actually started this blog just so I can get this weirdness out of me and felt like I had to write about it.

The really weird thing is that I had a really good sleep last night probably the best I’ve had in awhile, I don’t know if thats what they call lucid dreaming but it did feel like I was with you, and you were trying to explain to me why we just lost each other.

I honestly wonder if you ever dream of me or even think of me I am guessing you do? you know they do say that some people come into your life just so you can learn a certain lesson, I thought about it for quite awhile and for years I thought that lesson was that you were cruel and never really cared for me at all, but after the years went by I have finally realised yes you came and left my life so fast that it took me years to get over it. Although it wasn’t that at all! now that i am all grown up, I think you came into my life to show me that I can be loved too. Love isn’t just a one sided thing it is something that needs to be shared between two people. You showed me that I need to be respected and also respect myself, I have never seen what I have seen from you when I was with you it was really like having a best friend and a person that loves me. If anything I was probably quite selfish because I hardly ever came to you and thats probably why it was so easy for you to cut me out of your life . I guess you taught me how to love myself and showed me that things don’t last forever.

Some times I hope that it is true to some degree we have a connection and that means you feel the same way. I saw you once at the markets we locked eyes you smiled and then just like my dreams you were gone again, it left me thinking no you probably didn’t even see me. I wish you could just read this and tell me why I always dream about you. In fact I hope the reality of it is that when I dream of you, you dream of me.

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