Dear Mr Universe


Dear Universe

I am ready for Amazing

           Lots of Love

From me xo 

All the things I value in a partner, Likes, wants and needs ladies please make a list like this, I promise you it helps. And if someone doesn’t match up to your values list they aren’t good enough for you and you are de-valuing yourself by adjusting to anything less. This is the list I have asked the universe for:

Educated -or is working with his passion
Financially secure – one i would usually overlook

Read the Alchemist- favourite book

Eyes – I’ll know from his eyes

Dogs- because I love them
Grounded – No time for pompous butt-holes that love themselves
Sunsets – This is a must you have to love!
business- Having your own business because i know how hard it is to own one
Stable- Enjoys life , and doesn’t over do one area more than others
reading – you have to of read at least one book come on! p.s no comics don’t count!
family – Love family but no more or less than you love everyone else.
travel – because I love it
art – ”  “
Takes care of themselves; doesn’t mean you have to be all muscle and the best looking guy I’ve ever seen I just mean you take care of yourself, and care about your appearance
no Alcohol – one or two here or there but I don’t drink and def don’t want to watch you get plastered, those days are gone.
kids – love kids, don’t have to be your own just in general, if you help unfortunate children or mentor kids thats a big tick , because no one can fool kids they can see straight through bs
Passion – passion for life and the future
caring- is a must and yes care about everything.
car- doesn’t really matter , just picture someone with a ute to watch sunsets off.
Tattoos- argh yeah, I have them so why not, depends what they are but I find them hot!
Values – some one with similar values all of them are pretty much on this list
Respect – you have to respect others
Humble – omg if you aren’t humble then just no
Loyal – a must
Be present – I know its weird but i have only ever seen one man turn his phone off for me and give me his full attention.
Trustworthy – if you want me to be.
Love – love for life
Basically if your personality complements mine then thats awesome too.
You don’t have to be perfect I just feel this list will give me someone who has been through a lot and knows themselves very well. I have made a lot of mistakes along the road of finding this list so I know why it is so important.

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