How to prevent your own Doomsday!

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Step one : Don’t have a melt down no matter what is happening its happening for a reason so without having a complete meltdown breath and try to focus on the day ahead.

Step 2: I don’t care what it is rebuild yourself, colour your hair, get a make over, cut your hair get a tattoo p.s that one only applies to legal and if its something you have always wanted don’t forget that one is a permanent one!) But I’m sure you know what I mean get up get dressed, put on some makeup , if you are a girl/ or boy if you’re in to that stuff. Just get up and get out of that doomsday zone! which is most likely your bed or bedroom.

Step three: I know this one is a biggy but call a friend make a date wether its grabbing a coffee or watching a movie get out of your house even if you can manage for a few hours.

Step 4 ; You know sometimes you may feel like its the end of your world but I can promise you there is a piece of light and hope left its inside you and wants to bring you peace, if you are reading this now and feeling like there is never going to be anything better for you, I truly believe you were sent to read this because there is more for you in this life you just have to give it a chance to grow. Don’t put your light out because it lead you here.

Step 5 ; There is no way to just instantly be happy and please don’t chase happiness, its a state of mind you need to find peace in where you are in this moment and let joy and happiness come to you. I think if you are being true to  yourself and being the authentic you then that is where your happiness comes from. If you’re being good to others, working towards you and your life then you are on the road to preventing your dooms day. Remember life can only be as doomy or gloomy as you let it. (Do what I do and tell that negative part of you to back off and shut up!) I am not talking about walking around smiling in everyones faces I mean just be happy within yourself.

Step 6; Be yourself, some times when you are down and out and lost the road of direction helping others can help you. You know there are a lot of people in the world that feel just like you do right at this moment. think of ways you can use it to help others I swear to you it works miracles.

Step Seven; if it comes to last resorts you can borrow my to live by 3 L’s


but I want them back when your done.


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