When you relearn a lesson

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You know its about you when I say: Today was the last day, again where I give you permission to break my heart, I hate the fact that I give you permission to walk all over my love it makes me feel weak and angry at myself all at once. I asked you to move out a year ago and this morning you reminded me why. All of my valid reasoning came back all at once I made the mistake of asking someones sister that you work with why you needed so much freedom to hang out with work mates and now all of a sudden you don’t and of course that person came straight to you and told a completely different story. When you questioned me on why, I had had a sudden change in bahaviour  you could of just asked and I would of told you but you went about it in a way where no answer would of been right.

Accusing me of been sneaky and lying to you, first off there is no reason to lie we are no longer together, secondly my answer is simple I missed you and when ever i get back to that point you always seem to remind me why I shouldn’t. Yet find it weird when I answer truthfully. And when I get upset and start to cry you think I am been overly emotional so i must of done something wrong.

Well no I was crying and upset because you seem to put the words of someone you have known for 2 years ahead of mine, which made me think if you believe someone you only work with ahead of me then I have no chance of been able to explain myself. Then when I try to explain why I asked and why I was so hurt you fell asleep, only you have mastered that, I sat there thinking really you can just sleep so easily?

To finish it all off when I was leaving you laughed at me, I could actually feel pain in my heart as the day progress I got stronger and thought of it as  a sign that its all meant to be and everything happens for a reason, doesn’t mean it hurts any less though. Its like I love you and hate you at the same time. When you apologised to me it meant nothing because I just felt numb like nothing at all I just wanted you to leave.

4thly and lastly; You should of only worried about me not caring and having no emotions at all because that would mean I don’t care, and things wouldn’t of got to this stage I don’t feel like you can hurt me anymore and thank you for helping me make the best decision I have made in along time . Leaving you is probably one of the best and most painful decisions I have ever made before.

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