yellow and pink flowers view behind broken glass

You know its about you when I say: Everything needs to be broken and broken down so that new can exist that is where life belongs and the reason why nothing lasts forever is true. You may sit there and ask why, why you can’t just stay happy and with the same person for the rest of your life and the answer to that is simple , change is not evil it is a way to grow and move forward do you think when you are 12, or 18 you would make the same choices when you are say 30 or 40? No of course not, that is why you hear a lot of people say damn wish I had of listened to my parents when they told me that was the wrong person for me. Um yeah and how did they know? thats because they have life experience and believe it or not some times they are right. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone there are exceptions to the rules however I am guessing that they are probably in a life where everything is coming together because they have already done the work in a past life. Sometimes in life I just believe in order to find bigger and better we need to make space in our lives for it and if you choose to hold on to something forever then you are choosing to repeat everyday until you get it right. I am no better than anyone else and I am also a very slow learner for some of the choices I have made have been so terrible that they have ripped part of me away from the old me, although the lessons I have learnt have been hard it has given my the eyes to see more clearly and know that Im going to be okay, dust yourself off and just keep going.

love from Me x

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