Requirements of Self Love

You know its about you when I say; stay positive motivated and embrace who you are.

  • Loyal to myself
artistic blossom bright clouds
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  • Take note of what  my own feelings  are
  • Self worth
  • Trust in yourself
  • Show up

  • Be present
  • Let go
  • Face fears
  • Be more balanced
  • Realise what is my responsibility and what is not
  • Know my role As in knowing what to let go of and what to keep
  • Don’t be emotional
  • Sense of my core
  • Commitments
  • Level I want to be acknowledge at
  • Giving and receiving
  • Stop leaving in the lack of life
  • Be kind to self

  • Its okay to be by yourself to recharge
  • Heal Body mind and soul
  • Take the positives away from lessons
  • Ambition
  • Where is your power

  • Humanity
  • Know who you are
  • Look within

  • Be whole within yourself and life

  • Love your journey


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