My Place

“Im like a bird you know? I have wings and ill just fly away if I get bored or if I think I am not wanted”, “its just apart of me”.

Besides I have to move around so that I can find my home, and out all of the places I have travelled to, I have never found it” she said with a confident voice.

“I will know straight away when I’ve found it, you know the place the place that everyone has where they can just sit back and say ahhhhhhh I made it”.

You know the part in the movie Mumma mia?  you know when she looks out across the beautiful ocean view and really sees all of the beauty which surrounds her, well thats her place. And that is the feeling I am looking for as she jumped down from the wall she said with a innocence in her eyes Its a place where it doesn’t matter if you are by yourself or with others, you just feel that glow in your heart that this is where you belong and always have. You know?

Immmm maybe I should give it a name? so far I have just been calling it my place.

“Well maybe I could help you to find your place”? Don’t be silly you can’t help people find it they just have to go and find it themselves, you have to go find your own, when I find mine I will tell you though, as she ran away down the grass track that lead through to the back of her home. ” Bye she yelled out.

Not noticing his face and the reaction it had to find your own place.


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